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They say your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life, and obviously that’s because you get to marry your best friend, and embark on the beautiful journey of marriage together!

But our stance is this: if you’re investing money into such a special day, into the decor, and food, and ultimately, the experience, we believe you should invest into having all those things captured and saved on film. 

We’re firm believers that photography and videography are some of the most important aspects to invest in for your wedding! 

Weddings are not cheap, so if you’re paying a lot to make it look pretty, you might as well pay a little extra to have it captured beautifully. Wedding videos allow you to not only look back at that special day, but to re-experience it!

So here are 5 professional (and amazingly talented videographers) in Calgary, Alberta, to share with you what they love about wedding videos and why you won’t regret having one of your own!


The Toth’s Photo & Film

photo by: The Toth’s Photo & Film

“It always breaks our hearts when we hear married couples comment on how much they regret not having a wedding video. Usually the decision was made based on budget limitations or the fact that they didn’t see value in having one. Despite the fact that we were already creating wedding films when we got married, our video was more valuable to us than we could have imagined. It provided context to our photos, gave us the gift of audio from our vows and speeches, and reminded us of what happened to make us laugh or cry.

We don’t for a second want to discredit wedding photography. You can’t print a film and display it in your home and we believe that photo and film can be complimentary (hence why we do what we do). But on your anniversary you can do what we look forward to each year: open a bottle of wine, watch your film, listen to the words, watch the day unfold through movement, and be reminded of all the things the photos can’t replay for you, reliving your day in a sense. We promise you won’t regret it.”

– Sancia and Mitchell Toth

Your Wedding Video: 5 Reasons Why You Won't Regret Capturing Your Wedding on Film // Tip from the Toth's

Sancia and Mitchell Toth
The Toth’s Photo & Film

Favourite part of the wedding day:
When the couple leaves the ceremony, and has a quiet moment together before being bombarded by their party and friends in celebration.

Videography style: 
Original, Fun, Documentary

Why they became a videographer:
We became wedding videographers after friends asked if we would film their wedding in 2017. Word spread that this is something we would offer and we are so grateful it took off!


Gary Lewis

photo by: Jalisse Bechtel photography

“Videos have the special ability to captivate not only the eyes, but the soul.

Something magical happens every time my wife and I hit the play button to our wedding film. Our best day unfolds before us and were once again filled with the same joy that soaked the halls of our ceremony and reception. The movements and the sounds which our videographer pieced together created not only a visual experience but a living memory.

Your wedding day will go by in the blink of an eye, ask any married couple! Your wedding film creates a beautiful tapestry of the work that goes into a wedding day which you may forget in the hustle of the day. You will love being able to relive your wedding, hear your vows and watch yourself and significant other from a whole new perspective!”

– Gary Lewis

Gary Lewis
Lewis & Co

Favourite part of the wedding day:
When my couples have their alone time. You really see this natural love come out and it makes for some of the best footage!

Videography style: 
Cinematic, Adventurous, Bold

Why they became a videographer:
I became a videographer because the world is full of meaningful stories and I enjoy being able to share them through my camera.


Summit wedding films

photo by: Kadie Hummel Photography

“’Wedding photography has been a staple of weddings for decades, but now you can re-live the best day like never before. Modern wedding videography allows for the big and small moments – from happy tears to the first dance – to be captured just as they happened.

Video can tell the story of your wedding, with audio and visuals, in a very different way than a photograph, and compliments the pictures captured on the big day. Weddings are busy, amazing days, filled with colour, flowing dresses, dancing, and vows that make your wedding video something you can treasure for years to come.’”

 – Summit Weddings


James & Guiness
Summit Wedding Films

Favourite part of the wedding day:
“The first dance; All the formalities are over, and its great to see the couple unwind and enjoy the moment together.” – James
“For me, the first look is super special. Being able to capture the split second when all the build up and suspense transforms into pure joy and excitement is something that’s hard to beat.” – Guinness

Videography style: 
Contemporary, Fun, Cinematic, Romantic

Why they became a videographer:
“Getting to capture some of life’s greatest moments, and transform them into a wedding film is so rewarding, and a lot of fun!” – James
“I’m a huge camera nerd so I’m in my element when I’m behind the lens. Having the opportunity to do what I love whilst helping people create their happiest memories is the perfect combination.” – Guinness



Your Wedding Video: 5 Reasons Why You Won't Regret Capturing Your Wedding on Film // Tips from the Pros - Summit Weddings on the Bronte Bride Blog

“Look at it this way: You can read the vows he wrote for you, but that won’t tell you the way he said them, his tone of voice, or your reaction to his words. You can’t even rely on your memory either, as it is proven that our recollection of past events shifts its shape as time goes by.

That’s why a recording of your vows will get priceless over time. It’s the special moment when you two are not only declaring your love for each other publicly but also making the promise to stand by each other’s side. It’s a moment that you will be reminiscing over and over in the future; a moment that you will love to re live again.”

– Oscar Lima


Oscar Lima
Castano Media

Favourite part of the wedding day:
I love hearing the reception speeches. This is the time when the people that are most important to the couple are saying their most heartfelt words and well wishes to the couple. I like knowing that it’s being recorded and the couple will be able to relive it every time they watch it.

Videography style: 
Natural, Modern, Sophisticated

Why they became a videographer:
I became a wedding videographer because I like to tell stories about people in love. They inspire me.


twisted film works

photo by: Nicole Sarah Photography

“Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, a wedding film continues these memories forever. As unfortunate as it sounds, there is a chance that not every family member or long-time friend will be able to attend your wedding day. Investing in a wedding film allows yourself and loved ones that couldn’t attend your day, to view your love story, and experience your wedding day.

It is truly a priceless decision to invest in a videographer to have every moment captured on film. Seriously, this is a film you’re never going to get tired of watching again!”

– Cameron Allen

Cameron Allen
Twisted Film Works

Favourite part of the wedding day:
The couples first look!

Videography style: 
Cinematic, Intimate, Timeless.

Why they became a videographer:
I love capturing moments, and weddings are a perfect medium to do so!

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