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My name is Britney King and I've been a custom bridal designer for over 14 years. I’ve created dresses in all shapes, sizes, and styles, but I'm always drawn to anything unique and fantastical. I love embracing femininity with my designs and creating youthful, romantic styles with a fantasy flair. I'm inspired by fantasy and infuse a daring contemporary edge to my gowns making them unlike any other. I believe that every bride deserves a dress that reflects their unique personality, style, and dreams. The joy I feel is unparalleled when I see a bride in a gown designed just for her, having her beauty shine through. I am passionate about making dreams come true and creating memories that last a lifetime.

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Our custom design services, complimentary fit alterations and hems, and our signature collection of gowns are found nowhere else. We also provide makeup consultations and beauty advice to boost brides' confidence on their wedding day and beyond.

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