Foxglove Studio is a multidisciplinary creative studio that was founded in 2015 by Lauren Plante & Tasha Barrie, two kindred spirits who met while attaining Fine Art & Design Degrees at the Alberta University for Arts. From the dark palettes and dreamy compositions found in Dutch Renaissance paintings to modern contemporary trends of layered architectural blooms to textural colourful dried floral installations, the Studio is continuously inspired by the ever-evolving, ever-enchanting world of Floral Design.

What about weddings? Foxglove couples can expect a bespoke custom experience. The Studio will effortlessly navigate infinite combinations of floral design possibilities (there are over 150 varieties of roses in the world and over 25 000 species of Orchids!) to build a seasonally appropriate custom design proposal that outlines that sweet spot where aesthetic and budget meet. From conceptualization to installation, expect a professional and fun experience.

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Moody, Bold, Contemporary



Tier One - Wedding Party Florals (No Decor) $1000.00 Minimum 

Tier Two - Wedding Party Florals & Ceremony Decor $2500.00 Minimum
Tier Three - Wedding Party Florals & Full Decor $3500.00 Minimum 

Delivery / Install and Setup - Additional Fee

Take me Anywhere! (Internationally)

Creative Floral Design, Bespoke Wedding Florals, Editorial floral styling and installations


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