We love growing relationships with our clients to truly understand who you are and how charismatic your wedding party is. Tailoring our artistry to the individual and comfort level keeping in mind the theme of your wedding ensures you don’t look like an Instagram filter. 

Our kits are stocked with luxury trusted products/brands and the latest technology; Amplified Artistry is primed for a small intimate wedding or a huge celebration! We take pride in our safety and yours with inclusive preventative measures to ensure compliance with Alberta Health Standards, sanitization, sterilization, and more to give you PEACE OF MIND and set us apart.

Certified in 39 countries for our craft and nominated for Calgary’s Best Wedding Services by Avenue Magazine, we take our commitment to passion very seriously.

amplified artistry

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Hairstyling and Makeup Lessons


Bridal Hair & Makeup $220

Bridesmaid Hair & Makeup $200


10% off service total when hair and makeup services are booked together