We are Kelsey & Sarah, sisters, creative souls and the women behind The Romantiks. Our weddings are ethereal, organic and perfectly crafted to represent your personal style and unique vision for one of the most important days of your life. We believe milestone events should be carefully planned and curated to illustrate the many characteristics of your love story. Through colour, texture, and unique floral selections we can help you achieve your dream wedding florals. Our style is influenced by the movement of nature, contemporary trends and the commitment to take a conceptual and modern approach to florals. We follow the developing trends in the floral industry and are always ready to try something new and unconventional. An uncommon colour scheme or an eccentric floral pairing is inspiring and exciting. We love finding new ways to express ourselves through floral design, creating an exclusive experience for your wedding day. We really are romantiks at heart, passionate about people, about love and creating magic through floral design.

florist, calgary + cranbrook

ethereal, romantic, organic




Average spend: $$1,500-$7,500

bridal bouquet cost (average): $300

2022 & 2023

contemporary designs, large-scale installations, High quality blooms


the romantiks