We are Sarah and Kelsey, the sisters behind the brand. We’ve been doing this for years now, always evolving, pushing boundaries and striving for a life where we can share our creative talents, connect with others and make this world a more beautiful place through our art. Our floral style is unique, it’s prismatic, it’s hyper-feminine, it’s impactful, and of course, it’s damn romantic. We’re here to create flawless florals that enhance the space that you have chosen, to add movement and texture through design, and to help illustrate your beloved love story. We adore connecting with you, chatting about your color palette, discussing all the gorgeous details you’re planning and walking you through the florals that are going to compliment your ideas and artistic concept. We have a natural inclination to plan and conceptualize ideas, to passionately execute designs that evoke a sense of joy, to add blooms with intention and create memorable, artful moments through our floral designs. Because love, marriage, connection, family & celebrating the big moments in life is what we’re here for baby. 

florist, calgary + cranbrook

ethereal, romantic, organic

the romantiks




Average spend: $1,500-$7,500

average bridal bouquet: $300

Booking open for
2024 & 2025

contemporary designs, large-scale installations, High quality blooms