Hi I'm Rebekah! Founder and Creative Director of Brontë Bride! My love for weddings originally started with design and styling, and I still love to create beautiful tablescapes and dream up special details through our annual editorials and monthly True to Hue Workshops. 

I love being able to offer my wedding styling and design services to a select number of couples each year! I only take on 5-6 weddings each year so I can really focus on those couples, and designing truly special, meaningful, and one-of-a-kind weddings. I love to travel all over Alberta & BC to design weddings (And I won't say no if you want take me to Portugal or Greece for your micro wedding!).

When designing a wedding and working hand in hand with a couple, my mission is not only to design a memorable wedding design with thoughtfully curated details, but to also craft a wedding experience for you and your guests; that speaks to who you are as a couple and represents your unique love story in the most beautiful way.

Rebekah Brontë designs

wedding designer & editorial stylist, calgary & beyond

creative & curated, thoughtfully designed, one-of-a-kind

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aesthetic: modern / distinct / chic / minimal // photographer: kaity body 

aesthetic: chic / minimalist / luxury / monochromatic // photographer: bryttanni / venue: sparrow lane events

aesthetic: retro / modern / bold // photographer: lewis & co / venue: the brownstone 

aesthetic: adventurous / wild / boho / intimate // photographer: nora hanako 

aesthetic: organic / natural / whimsical // photographer: julie jagt / location: iona beach, Vancouver

aesthetic: bold/ playful / citrus-inspired // photographer: rebecca frank co / venue: the gathered

aesthetic: storybook / romantic / earthy // photographer: malorie reiter / venue: silvertip resort

aesthetic: fine art / bridgerton / airy // photographer: kristyn harder / venue: deane house

aesthetic: classic / calm / chic // photographer: modern nest / venue: silvertip resort & the sensory

aesthetic: fine art / cottage core / vintage meets modern // photographer: jenny jean / venue: sparrow lane events

aesthetic: luxury / rich / intimate / sophisticated // photographer: kaity body / location: waterton

aesthetic: light / ethereal / fresh // photographer: nicole sarah / venue: the guild




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When it comes to weddings, I see myself as more than just a wedding "designer" but also as an experience curator! Your wedding design shouldn't be just about "looking pretty" but about you and your guests' experience! My job is to (1) curate an overall design that showcases your unique style, and (2) craft a meaningful experience that speaks to who you are as a couple, and your unique love story!

I specialize in one-of-a-kind thoughtful design and modern curation. I'm the one who can help make your special day look and feel extra special; With your style and aesthetic in mind, I'll design a day of beautiful and personal details you'll never forget! 

I don't have 1 distinct style, but love creating designs that are contemporary, unique, and colourful! If we're talking about bold designs that are functional, beautiful, AND meaningful... well that's my trifecta right there. 

If you're looking for a "simple" wedding, we're probably not the right fit. The couples I work with value design, creativity, and details, and are looking for a unique, curated experience for themselves and all their guests!

Curated design. Meaningful details.
A thoughtful wedding experience. 

If those words come to mind when you think of your wedding day, then we just might be the perfect fit! Plus if you inquire saying you love bold colour, and tons of details, we might just have to be best friends!

I also have a soft spot for more intimate weddings - with a guest count under 100 (40-60 people is the sweet spot if you ask me!). This not only gives more room in the budget for details and special touches, but I find it also allows the couple to be more present on their day. It's not that I don't take on weddings over 100, just that intimate weddings are my very favourite! 

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I also have an amazing in-house coordinator, Tara, on my team who helps to manage and coordinate each of the weddings I design. She takes on timeline management, vendor coordination and communication, and other organizational details, while I focus on the design/overall look and feel of your event! Additionally, depending on the size of each wedding and the design/set up needs, we will usually have anywhere from 1-4 styling assistants to help set up on the day.

my team

"If your best friend was a wedding wizard, interior designer, graphic designer and event coordinator with an incredible circle of connections, that would be Rebekah.

On the wedding day, Rebekah worked hard to set up the reception and ceremony with her team so my friends and family could enjoy the day as the vision was brought to life. When I arrived at the reception and ceremony, I was truly floored. The ceremony and reception’s aesthetic was truly from a bridal magazine."


"I would highly recommend Rebekah as a wedding designer! Her attention to detail blew my mind and I was so speechless at the reception reveal on my wedding day.

All the colours that she used were perfect and each of them complemented the whole theme. Even the quotes, the papers she used, the candles, everything was perfect. Every time I looked at our wedding photos I always feel like it was straight out of Pinterest." 

Jessica + Matt

"Rebekah definitely elevated our wedding day to an experience I could not have imagined on my own, and working with her was outstanding. She is creative, inclusive, and went over and above in her role designing and styling our wedding. Our experience with her was perfect and I would highly recommend her if you want a beautiful curated wedding day. Not only was the design planning made easy and fun, but the intimacy and elegance of her designs made our day more special and memorable than I could have imagined." 

Carlae + Karan

"I just wanna get married again and again and again (of course with my husband!) and work with Rebekah all the time! 

It was such an unforgettable experience to have Rebekah design our wedding."


"I can wholeheartedly say that my wedding vision came to life because of Rebekah. 
I didn’t realize how important she would be to our wedding day, but working with Rebekah was the best wedding decision my husband and I made.

In fact, my husband and I both agree that if we were to give newly engaged couples one piece of advice, it would be to “make sure Rebekah is a part of your wedding.”

Janelle + Linden



wedding design
& curation; on-site styling & set up

also get coordination & wedding management with my in-house coordinator Tara!


intimate wedding
design + management
(up to 60 guests)
 starts at $3600

wedding design + management
(up to 120 guests)
starts at $4400


serving couples across alberta & bc

willing to travel internationally!



a bit more about me & my services...

Details. Details. Details! From your wedding cake to your florals, and your tablescape to your guest favours, I coordinate with your vendor team to curate a design that is not only aesthetically beautiful, but a wedding where every last detail is considered.

As a designer it's my job to curate your wedding in a way that showcases your unique love story and your personal style throughout the whole day. Intimate weddings are my absolute favourite (my own wedding was less than 40 people); they allow couples to spend more time with their loved ones (and each other!) AND allow your budget to prioritize a beautiful design that will be remembered long after, and captured forever in film by your photographer. The beautiful design part is where I come in - I specialize in modern styling and thoughtfully designed details, and love working with couples to not only make their wedding day "look" pretty, but to make their entire wedding experience feel personal, unique, and meaningful to them. My services include moodboard and colour palette curation, vendor communication regarding design and aesthetics, ordering and organizing rentals, day-of on-site styling and set up, and more.

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