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These truly are uncertain times, so it’s no wonder you feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. We understand that this is not what you thought planning your wedding would look like… We totally get it. And we’re sorry that this has become a reality for many couples this year. The absolute best thing you can do right now is to understand the situation, know your options, and take action if you need to.

We know that even the idea of postponement is so hard to wrap your head around, let alone try to figure out how to go about it. And that’s why we’re here: To help you in the best way we know how to! By presenting you with the facts, bringing in advice from the experts, and walking through this process alongside you.

We’ve partnered with one of our amazing Brontë Bride members, Moments by Madeleine, who is here to help you with your decision, and walk you through the steps you’ll need to take if wedding postponement ends up being your reality.

MOMENTS BY MADELEINE - guest feature on the Bronte Bride Blog

Hi! I’m Madeleine, the founder and lead planner of Moments By Madeleine Weddings & Events, just a gal who has loved weddings since I can remember.

These past couple weeks have been so hard. It is not a wedding planner’s dream to wake up and have to tell a couple that we need to postpone. But unfortunately with the public health crisis happening worldwide it has become our reality. We (your vendors) know this is stressful, trust me we are stressed too! I’ve been spending hours watching every broadcast (from a reputable source of course aka CDC, WHO, local government) to continue to inform our own clients about what actions need to be taken in regards to their weddings.

It is so important to us that every couple feels that they understand all their options in reacting to this situation. It is totally okay to be worried, sad, upset, feel all your feelings but know your vendor team is right there with you! We also understand that the decision of wedding postponement is not an easy one. But please consider postponement before cancellation.

first thing’s first… should i postpone?

Covid-19 and Your Wedding // Part One: The Reality of Postponement - on the Bronte Bride Blog - Wedding Postponement how to, tips & advice from the pros, florals, green bridal bouquet

If your wedding is in April, May, June, July, or August…


Reach out to your vendors as soon as possible and get this process started. Unfortunately at this point, if you are looking to have a larger wedding (over 100 people) and don’t want social distancing restrictions to change the vibe of your celebrations, we recommend you postpone.

If your wedding is in september…


Take into account what your guest list looks like; do you have quite a few international guests? Are you having a large wedding or is your guest list under 50 people? Weigh your options, ask your vendors about their rescheduling policies (many have adjusted them to accommodate the pandemic), talk to your spouse and at the end of the day, listen to your gut! Give yourself a deadline to make a decision.

If your wedding is in october…


We know it’s uncomfortable, we know everyone and their mom is giving you their opinion about what you should do, we know it’s scary. Alberta is taking this seriously and has made some aggressive decisions to help slow down the virus and flatten the curve, and we are hopeful that weddings in the fall will be able to go as planned (or potentially slightly modified!) So keep informed with reputable news outlets; WHO, CDC, Albertan & Canadian government.

If your wedding is after october…


We are SO hopeful for some normalcy by winter. Stay excited, and keep planning away! Also understand your vendors might be a little busier than normal right now.

If you’re asking yourself, “should I just cancel?”…


Please please please talk with your vendors about what postponing your wedding date looks like. You have put so much into this day, both emotionally and financially! Chances are you will have the most financial consequence with a full-on cancel. Postpone for now, reschedule, change what the day looks like but please don’t cancel! Love is not cancelled!

ok so it looks like i have to postpone, what do I do first?

Covid-19 and Your Wedding // Part One: The Reality of Postponement - on the Bronte Bride Blog - Wedding Postponement how to, tips & advice from the pros, bridal party, rocky mountain wedding

1. Read your current contracts

What does each vendor’s original contract say about rescheduling?

2. Reach out to Your Vendors

Ask if they have made changes to their rescheduling policies in light of COVID-19. Contact your primary vendors first (Venue, Planner, Photographer, Videographer) as they usually can only accommodate one wedding per day. Then reach out to your other vendors (Florist, DJ, Hair & Makeup, Cake & Desserts, Rentals) as they are usually capable of doing more than one wedding in a day.

3. Find a backup date

Try to find a new date that works for the majority of your main vendors (especially the ones you can’t picture your day without). Again, check those contracts and COVID-19 amendments, some vendors are able to reschedule up to a full calendar year from the original date, some are only allowing rescheduled dates until the end of 2020.

4. Consider what’s important to you

If you’re having trouble finding a date that all your main vendors are available for, consider what you’re willing to let go of, and who you absolutely need for your big day. Maybe you are now leaning towards a more intimate gathering, in light of the circumstances, so perhaps a venue change would work! Obviously this is not the ideal scenario, and hopefully you won’t need to make this type of decision but it could happen and it is important to feel mentally prepared, and figure out where your priorities are.

5. Make the Call

Your vendors are in the midst of rescheduling other weddings as well, so you’re going to want to nail down a new date as quickly as possible to ensure their availability.

6. Let All Your Vendors Know

If you don’t have a planner, send one mass email and BCC every vendor. This will allow vendors to reply to you and you can keep all communication surrounding the postponement in one thread. It seems small, but the little things to make this a bit less overwhelming help! We’ll have an email template available for download, in our next blog post of the series, which will help you with this communication.

7. Tell Your Guests

Whether you’ve picked a new date or not, let your guests know you have decided to move forward with postponement for the health & safety of your loved ones. We’ve got a little FREEBIE to help you with that! We’ve created a couple digital wedding postponement cards, which you can easily download and send off to your guests.

Covid-19 and Your Wedding // Part One: The Reality of Postponement - on the Bronte Bride Blog - Wedding Postponement how to, tips & advice from the pros, bride & groom, calgary wedding photographer, veil shot


We know this process isn’t easy. So we want to help you in any way we can. In collaboration with Vertala, we’ve created two digital download designs for you to send to your guests! Whether you’ve set a new date, or haven’t quite figured everything out yet, it’s important to keep your guests in the loop. And what better way to do that than with one of these gorgeous digital wedding postponement cards!

Download here!

Sarah from Vertala designed these elegant cards for our brides, and she also has custom designs available in her shop if you’d like a more personal and detailed option!

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Covid-19 and Your Wedding // Part One: The Reality of Postponement - on the Bronte Bride Blog - Wedding Postponement how to, tips & advice from the pros, wedding arch, ceremony celebration, rocky mountain wedding

About the Featured Couple:

These cuties tied the knot last August. Because the groom is an emergency physician and the bride is a nurse in the emergency room, it felt like the perfect wedding to feature as we share our appreciation for all healthcare providers during this public health crisis. Thank you M & D for all that you do!

Vendor Credits:
Planner: Moments By Madeleine Weddings & Events
Photographer: Kadie Hummel Photography
Florals: Amborella Floral
Bridal Gown: The Bridal Boutique Calgary 

Hi! I’m Madeleine, the founder and lead planner of Moments By Madeleine Weddings & Events. I really think love is the most magical and creating a day full of those moments whether just the two of you or a hundred of your favourite people is why we do what we do.

So what do we do? We specialize in weddings and provide planning, design and coordination or a customized blend of services for our couples so that you can enjoy your engagement without all the stresses of planning. We are there alongside you from initial consultation till the close of the best day of your life!

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